Adoption Policies

All cats and kittens must be indoors

All will be spayed or neutered by 6 months of age.

Kittens under 10 weeks old we would like to go in pairs or with another cat. One 8 week old kittens will keep you up all night and we have about 30% returns on single kitten adoptions .

We do not adopt kittens under 12 weeks to households with children under 6. Kittens do not detract their claws until then and they will get stuck on childrens clothing which can scare a small child and cause injury to the kitten as it is pulled off.

If you adopt a cat or kitten with us and you change your mind, you don’t get your money back. It becomes a donation.

We don’t allow kittens and cats live in day care buildings.

We do not allow hind feet declawing. We discourage front paw declawing but if you must do it, please consider lazer and do your research on what you are doing.  Don’t assume if you get a cat, you must declaw, but we do understand that sometimes a cat cannot find a home without a declaw in the front.