Spay and Neuter

Why Spay or Neuter?

  1. Spay or neutering surgery has health benefits. They will not get certain cancers and less medical issues later in life.  Problems with hernias inside the animal can occur and to fix it costs over $2000 with still health issues afterwards.
  2. It eliminates the risk of complications from pregnancy. If a  C- section is needed, that can cost $700-1000.
  3. Altered dogs and cats are more relaxed pets because they are not driven to mate and less inclined to defend territory. They are less apt to fight with other animals.  Statistics show that un-spayed females and un-neutered males dogs are the ones that bite humans the more often the dogs that are altered.
  4. The animals are less likely to roam and less chance that they will get picked up by animal control.  Most dogs picked up by the animal control are not fixed. They are less likely to get hurt, tortured injured or killed on the road.
  5. Nuetered dogs less apt to urinate in the house. Their reason for marking is reduced.
  6. Altered cats are less likely to spray.
  7. Altered dogs have less behavior problems
  8. Altering does not make your pet fat or lazy. It does not spoil the animals personality. Nuetered dogs do hunt and bring birds back. Fixed cats still kill mice and Spayed females still are loving!
  9. It helps by preventing unwanted litters and homeless animals. If you can find homes for all of your puppies and kittens, then someone else will not.
  10. Over 25,000 are killed in metro shelters alone because they were born!
  11. If every home, apartments, manufactured home, townhouse had 7 cats and 4 dogs, we wouldn’t have to put any dogs or cats down!